The mothers of trayvon martin & sean bell meet mike brown’s mom for the first time. Totally touched my heart…

they need each other

Where are the notes.
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Jean-Michel Basquiat: Downtown 81

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LOL! Thank God I like my classes so far because this is too true #RP #FallSemester
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"They tryin’ to distract you from the truth…Don’t believe nothing you see, ‘cause you’re constantly being lied to. The truth is inside you." - Kanye West

uncle stay speaking the truth, he just tryna make music but everybody so blinded by media and caught up in all that illuminati bullshit and who sold who soul to the devil for fame, got you thinkin bout the wrong shit while young niggas getting locked up because there’s a fuckin profit behind it, old rich ass crackas are buying STOCK into prisons, how do you boost the price of shares for a prison, imprison more people, music is art man some people just do it better than others and therefor receive more of a fan base i wish people would stop wrapping themselves up in that illuminati shit .

^ yes.

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Black women and girls lost to gun violence, police brutality, intimate partner violence and transphobia:


Dana Larkin

Kassandra Perkins

Rekia Boyd

Tarika Wilson

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Adaisha Miller

Brandy Martell

Deanna Cook Patrick

Tyisha Miller

Ashley Sinclair

We remember your names and we honor your lives.
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what a difference 50 years can make

or not

So. Fucking. Important.

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Happening NOW: Thousands of New Yorkers are staging a sit-in in the middle of Times Square chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot” to support the people of #Ferguson. Every 28 hours in the US, a person of color is killed by racist police terror.  Rest in Peace to Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Rekia Boyd, Oscar Grant, Ramarley Graham, Amadou Diallo and too many more.
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I haven’t been on Facebook in 2 days. Most of my TL on Facebook is mostly ignorant black folks referencing black on black crime in some way to shade black comradery for Ferguson. It’s disgusting and disappointing. Those little shits make me want to cringe and I know all of them personally.

Someone at work said something similar today. It was disappointing. It’s almost as though she blamed African Americans for this happening. “If they would just pull their pants up” my ASS.

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The truth then and still the truth now.

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can I get this tattoo’d to my head
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Bish Whet? You have to be kidding me #Ferguson #Protest #Ignorance
August 14th

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